Ample is striving to ensure that battery swapping for electric vehicles becomes a standard concept

A San Francisco company called Ample wants to make battery swapping in electric vehicles possible in the United States to beat the companies that initially tried it and failed. When electric vehicles started characterizing the transportation sector in 2010, companies like Tesla and Better Space wanted to make the battery swapping option an accessible alternative.

Musk stated that a breakthrough in this technology would teach people that electric vehicles would be replacing conventional cars. The Tesla executive also proved that the Model S battery could be interchanged in about one minute and thirty seconds. However, these companies failed at ensuring that this technology becomes feasible on a commercial scale. Better Place became the first utility to sink even after raising $850 million to run this technology. In 2015, Elon Musk stated that customers did not see the essence of swapping batteries making this technology fade out of the system.

Moreover, electric vehicle companies upgraded their battery and charging station technology, allowing their electric cars to run for more than 100 miles before demanding a recharge. Additionally, the cars could recharge in a short time through the fast-charging public stations making it cheaper to recharge their batteries than swapping them for new designs. Nonetheless, Ample is optimistic that this might be the opportune moment to refresh on this technology. Ample is currently running five battery swap stations in San Francisco’s Bay Area to help the Uber drivers fulfill their duties.

The drivers in this program have the chance to substitute used batteries for fully charged ones in about ten minutes. Initially, the company was providing this service to the Nissan Leaf and Kia electric vehicles because they were the most widespread brands. Currently, the stations cannot sustain Tesla and other electric vehicle models, although the stations can serve about 90 cars in a single day. The company is looking forward to partnerships with other companies to offer more swapping options for customers who wish to save time.

Although electric vehicles have upgraded through the previous decade, Ample is certain that swapping technology will help fleet managers, delivery drivers, among other car service operators, where time is of the essence. Ample’s Khaled Hassounah stated that electric cars cover long distances, and the drivers do not want to sever the batteries, making them appreciate the beauty of swapping them. The executive explained that his company has taken its time to study the rubrics of plucking out spent batteries and substituting them with fully charged models in a few minutes. Hopefully, the drivers and customers seeking to avoid wear and tear of the batteries can benefit from this technology.

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