Those who overstay at Newport Beach while charging electric vehicles might attract an extra fee

Extending your visit to Newport Beach’s electric vehicle charging stations might soon be a little expensive. This comes after the city plans to initiate an overstay fee for cars that remain plugged in at the charging stations. On March 9, this year, the City Council voted to agree on initiating regulation of a surcharge of $.10 for every minute if the vehicle remains plugged in. The strategy follows a 10-minute grace period, which would be covered at $61 for those cars that remain plugged in after the electric vehicle battery reads full. The board will contemplate the approval of the law during the next seating scheduled for Thursday.

If the law receives approval from the board, the surcharge will start its effectiveness on April 22. The board leader said that the charge is to help the throughput of cars at the charging stations distributed all over the city. The newly initiated cost’s present fiscal impact is particular since there is no full report released yet. Additionally, the report stated the user’s behavior might suddenly change upon implementation of the law.

Two years ago, the city set up electric vehicle charging stations across Newport Beach. Those around the town can charge their vehicles at a cost ranging from $1.85 to $2.10 for every charging session. Those new to the city have the opportunity to assess their vehicles from charging centers like the Marina Park Community and Sailing Center, Newport Beach Civic Center, the Newport Beach Community, and OASIS Senior Center.  

Jim Houlihan, who serves as the Deputy public works director, stated that currently, there are 23 charging points operated by Newport Beach. The city has an agreement in which it set up and runs four additional charging stations with fast-chargers. Recently, there was no overstay fee in the city; however, those who overstayed at the charging points had to pay $61 as the potential parking ticket.

Michelle McNamara, a resident from Newport Beach, said that the imitated extra fee is used, especially for those who use ChargePoint charging stations. The city uses an EVgo charging system located in Los Angeles. McNamara added that it is a courteous habit to remove your vehicle from the charging point once the charge is complete. Even apps give you a notification if your car’s mission is about or already complete.

Overcrowding at charging points is a massive problem because one gets difficulties while trying to get to the charging point. Some resolved to install electric vehicle chargers at their homes, something they think would greatly help.

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