DNV lends a hand on Changhua 2

The world of renewables keeps moving forward with time. Why is that? The world is working on a common goal, to produce clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. The first for a cleaner planet is no secret, a goal we set over two decades ago. However, people were hesitant to do what it takes to improve the environment. However, a few years back, the scorching sun became unbearable, heavy rains and other climatic fluctuations leaving us no choice but to reduce the emissions to deal with the climate changes.

One of the sectors that change was essential is the transport and energy sectors explaining why experts thought of electric cars and renewable energy sources. It has taken the globe years of innovations to develop the solid products we are witnessing today. Recently, the renewable energy sector took a milestone after DNV signed up a deal with Taipower’s Changhua offshore wind project.

DNV is lending a hand to the project with the almost $18 million contracts intending to act as the owner’s engineer of the project. The work scope is scheduled to last until mid-2025 and will involve local and internal teams supporting this project regarding engineering renews and wind plant construction coordination. This project’s work scope extends to commissioning, including fabrication assurance, design reviews, and assurance in the construction sector.

A detailed design of this 31-turbine wind project has a timeline of this year, and the development team is hoping to have the wind farm online in the next four years. The vice president of Taipower Renewables, Tsao-Hua Hsu, stated that their interaction with DNV dates back several years ago. The company hopes to contribute to a greener future from its clean culture and expertise.

The VC stated that this partnership represents a joint venture between two organizations that share similar energy market goals. Also, DNV and Taipower are committed to bringing renewable energy into the country as the government strives to achieve clean energy. Taiwan has set an ambitious target of 20% of its power from renewable sources in the next four years.

By 2025, Taiwan expects to have 5.7GW of power capacity from offshore wind from popular wind plants, including Taipower’s 109.2MW Changhua Phase 1, Changhua Phase 2. In a statement from the Taiwan DNV renewables advisory, Minghui Zhang stated that the company is working on helping the locals, assessing risks in the sector, and helping local companies achieve their renewable energy target. Also, DNV partnering with the local companies will give them the confidence to work on their goal. DNV has a history of helping companies in countries such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and it stated that their experience would come in handy as they pursue this offshore wind project.


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