IRENA and GWEC to work on strengthening the use of green energy

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have joined their efforts intending to increase deployment and adoption of renewables and wind globally. 

Ben Backwell, GWEC chief executive, and Francesco La Camera, IRENA director-general, are the ones who signed the cooperation agreement during the Race to Zero Dialogues occasion. The program (Race to Zero Dialogues) is meant to speed up the progress of stakeholders, industry, and governments to help achieve the Paris Agreement. 

The IRENA Global Renewables report states that the 2050 Paris-compliant needs transformative policies and international cooperation. 

In 2019, 1/3 of all new renewable energy came from wind power. According to the IRENA data, wind and solar power will take a large portion of the upcoming growth capacity. 

La Camera said that wind dominates all regions across the globe, and with new technologies, it will play a vital role in moving the world to zero-emissions. 

GWEC and IRENA said that offshore and onshore solar and wind, together with power efficiency measures, can help to reduce emissions by 90%. It will also provide employment and other economic benefits. 

IRENA and GWEC also said rapid decarbonization needs investments and policies such as improving access to finance, resolving regulatory and market barriers, expanding bankable projects’ pipeline, and intensifying commitment for renewable power. 

More emphasis should be put on strengthening wind energy projects in the Climate Investment Platform and encouraging the government and industry to have dialogues and focus on knowledge exchange. This will help explore wind projects’ templates in the upcoming markets and open-source agreements, which will help mitigate legal barriers and risks. 

These parties also agreed to invest in renewable and wind power, and they will collaborate and work together so as to minimize administrative, legal, and regulatory barriers. They also agreed to enhance international talks and actions to increase renewable power’s share in the world energy grid. 

Backwell said that so far, there is no question for urgent action to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and act quickly to reduce climate change impacts. However, he said one of the most effective ways to attain the set targets is to speed up renewable energy development. 

Backwell also said that since wind power is clean, scalable, and uses an affordable technology, it will be the essential way to support companies, countries, governments, and other interested parties to move to net-zero emissions and green energy recovery.

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