Derek Reilly of Mayo is pioneering the charge of electric vehicles in Ireland.

Derek Reilly of BELMULLET and now at Dublin is playing the expertise role in handling and advising about electric vehicles and their technology. Derek’s interest in electric vehicles started developing two years ago after enjoying a stroll in one around Dublin’s streets. He discovered that this would be the next trendy concept in the transportation industry and approached electric vehicle developers and suppliers to publicize their products.

Derek explains that he convinced the editors of the website he was working on that the details of electric vehicles’ technology would create a yearning by gadget fanatics to start exploring them. He announced that the overwhelming number of viewers who tuned in to listen and learn about the new technology when they went on air revived the website and juiced it for gadget pundits. 

The posts on the website and social media created a desire by the industry and automakers who wanted to align themselves with this transition wave. Many desirous people requested Derek to start recording and marketing their electric vehicles through video reviews.

Currently, Derek is fully settled with the idea of reviewing electric vehicles on websites and heads the UK sales division by promoting the uptake of electric vehicles. 

Although the shift from written reviews for electric vehicles to video reviews seemed ambitious, Derek was ready to try this business line considering the success and passion that he had developed for this industry. He soon revived his previous artistry in front of the camera after being in the limelight aa the head of JCI Mayo, the Erris Chamber of Commerce, and Erris Lions Club.

What Derek was worried about was the production and editing side of the video reviews for these vehicles. Nevertheless, he soon discovered that he could also do this after the coronavirus outbreak setting things in motion for work from home.

Derek unveiled the EV Review Ireland YouTube channel mid this year with a review video. Since then, the channel has been growing daily and has become the leading reviewer of electric vehicles in Ireland in less than half a year.

Derek has taken it upon himself to review all things electric in the transportation industry, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, electric cars, electric buses, vans, and other models in this industry. The channel’s peculiarity is that Derek reviews only battery electric vehicles or fully electrified vehicles and not hybrids of any kind.

Derek advises drivers to take up these vehicles not only for environmental revitalization but also due to the low operation and maintenance costs. He calls for drivers and everyone who owns a car to track the mileage they make daily, outline the maximum distance and the shortest distance in this mileage, and make a test drive with an electric vehicle.

To conclude, Derek emphasizes that customers and interested parties should identify electric vehicle manufacturers who give the ideal impartial advice before they can consider purchasing their products. Derek has become an influence in the electric vehicle industry, appearing in many talk shows to give expert advice on electric vehicles.

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