In China, Elkem is launching a new workshop on specialist silicones for electric and hybrid vehicles in China

A new manufacturing workshop devoted to the development and manufacture of advanced silicones for both the hybrid as well as electric vehicles was completed and launched by Elkem in Shanghai, China. This move also enhances the status of Elkem as China’s largest silicone manufacturer. China is the largest single market for electric car manufacture and distribution in the world (EV). (EV). The worldwide market for EVs is increasing steadily, and by 2030, some experts now expect Electric Vehicles to account for about a third of new car sales.

Increased hybrid and EV sales pose a significant potential growth for Elkem, especially in the silicone market. On average, an EV produces 4 times more silicone than the typical vehicle. Silicones, as a key component in airbags, wires, hoses and tyres, contribute to safer, more durable and more convenient vehicles, and Elkem is now a supplier to some of the world’s leading EV manufacturers. 

For Electric Vehicle automakers, the main goal is to develop electrical and electronic components which are effective, durable and stable. Elkem develops and manufactures silicone solutions such as BLUESILTM and CAFTM that guarantee the safety of electrical quality (electrical insulation, durability, fire resistance) as well as electronic components (bonding, sealing, and potting of the parts) that are main characteristics needed in EVs.

“Future cars will be driven by electricity, and silicone-built as well as covered. In line with our specialization and growth plan, Elkem is very pleased to play an important role in making greener, cleaner and more prosperous cities, and Shanghai is the right place to tackle the surge of electrification and clean energy transportation technologies,” says Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President of Silicones at Elkem.

“The newest of our investments to show that dedication is our recent workshop, called Delta 2. The disparity is symbolized by Delta in mathematics. I truly hope that we could make that change by integrating the entrepreneurialism of our clients, the help and ambition of local authorities, as well as the passion and technology of the Elkem teams, to build a better life, in the city of Shanghai, in China, as well as all over the world,” says Jacquin. 

Among the people who attended the launch of the new plant include Mr Wu Bin, who currently serves as the Deputy Head in charge of Minhang City, Mr Claude Laubriet, who works as Deputy Director in charge of the Elkem silicones Asia Pacific, Mr Tang WeiQun, who is the Deputy Director in charge of Xinzhuang Industrial Park, local workers and customers.

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