General Motors is investing in its electric vehicle production to achieve a 40% production capacity in the next five years

General Motors’ recent spending pattern indicates that it is highly inclining to electric vehicles. Additionally, the company wants to venture into the development of heavy electric vehicles like trucks. The company decided to hasten the transition process amid the growing competition from giant automakers and emerging electric vehicle developers. The chief executive of General Motors, Mary Barra, stated that they intend to become the North American electric vehicle market leaders through a hasty transition to electric vehicle production. Initially, the company wanted to cash in $20 billion for the production of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles in the next five years.

Nevertheless, the company has raised this amount to $27 billion. Some of the autonomous vehicles which can run on their own from the GM line of products include Cruise Origin. The performance of such cars requires high technology, and therefore they are either hybrids or fully electric. 

Additionally, General Motors has developed a new division called EV Growth Operations, whose purpose is to come up with new electric models and the technology that will ensure they operate efficiently. GM announced that 40 percent of its US cars would be electric by 2025. This percentage includes passenger vehicle models. Moreover, the company is pressing its production departments to complete the Cadillac Lyriq Suv and other models to ensure they arrive in the exhibition centers early. This model was to enter the market nearing 2023, but changes came along, and it will be out in early 2022. 

Sam Abuelsamid, an electric vehicle expert for Guidehouse, stated that General Motors is speeding up its electric vehicle production to meet the growing pressure from the energy regulators. A perfect example is California, which is preparing to ban ICE cars by 2035. Additionally, Abuelsamid stated that the engineers of General Motors were making crazily fast progress in this production line than the company had scheduled. He noted that the company has also been facing competitive pressure from the entrant electric vehicle developers. Lucid and Fisker’s likes have tapped the pockets of investors forcing the company to utilize expansion and electric vehicle ventures to counteract this competition. 

Another change that experts have identified with General Motors is its battery technology called Ultium. The electric vehicle batteries designed with Ultium technology allow vehicles to go for 450 miles before a recharge. This capacity is better than the trending 400 miles that other companies are offering. However, the battery comes with the disadvantage that it would be suitable for cars with big battery packs. Finally, the company has crossed a milestone where it can cut the costs of electric vehicles without injuring their profits.

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