The Guardian advocates for electric cars to promote green roads

Technological upgrades and strict emissions objectives are scrapping out gasoline vehicles from the roads. People are beginning to appreciate the essence of clean vehicles, with the UK promising to ban petrol and diesel cars by the end of this decade. Moreover, advanced technology for the development of electric vehicle batteries has made electric vehicles affordable than conventional cars promoting their uptake by consumers. This trend is likely to continue throughout this decade. Some companies are taking it upon themselves to develop electric vehicle charging systems that recharge the vehicles quickly.

These activities in the transportation industry are promoting the control of emissions, which have interfered with the climatic aspect of the atmosphere. The UK is excited about Nissan‘s announcement stating that the company will be developing advanced batteries for the Nissan Leaf model to reduce the time taken to recharge the car and increase its mileage range. This move will also save the company the troubles associated with importing the car battery from the US. Currently, Norway is the leading country in the adoption of electric vehicles into their transportation system. Initially, the SUVs contributed a great deal to the global emissions, and more effort is required to ensure that this challenge is averted as soon as possible.

Moreover, there is a need to eliminate emissions coming from heavy vehicles. The Committee on Climate Change advised the UK to ban diesel heavy goods vehicles by 2040 if it intends to realize net-zero emissions by 2050. The Brexit plan might have a considerable effect on implementing the environmental goals stipulated by the concerned unions. However, the visible transition to electric vehicles by various countries is prompting the supply of electricity from clean energy sources to ensure that it is compatible with these vehicles. Additionally, the affordability of solar and wind energy is accelerating the development of charging stations to link with these utilities and phase out the gas stations that have promoted gasoline vehicles’ utilization.

The research into battery technology to replace cobalt with an available element will also protect the land from degradation resulting from cobalt extraction activities. People will have to take up electric vehicles and work with them instead of the fossil-fuel cars that have had devastating environmental effects. The ongoing test-drive programs to clarify the range problems will also hasten the uptake of these vehicles. The only challenge that the electric vehicle industry might create is the disposal of batteries. The companies in the industry are trying to resolve this problem with the resources they have.

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