Trov will be collaborating with UFODRIVE to insure electric vehicles in London

San Francisco’s insurtech company Trov stated that it would partner with UFODRIVE to utilize Trov’s Mobility Insurance Platform to insure purely electric vehicles. Trov is the leading insurance firm for digital models and new mobile utilities. The company utilizes its peculiar software embedded with insurance products to mitigate the risks facing utilities in the technological sector.

On the other hand, UFODRIVE is a service managed through an app that leases electric cars that have been registered with it for these services. The two companies will also incorporate Insurance Business Solutions of NIG to insure the commercial electric vehicles that register on the platform. This move will ensure that the vehicles operate effectively on the roads just like the internal combustion engine cars have been operating without fear of the drivers losing their investment.

Moreover, UFODRIVE will ensure that anxious drivers who fear about range all the problems articulated within the aspect of electric vehicles are dealt with by allowing customers to rent the electric vehicles through the platform. The company has its main management in Luxembourg, while the operational branches are scattered in France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, and a new branch being planned for the US. The partnership between Trov and UFODRIVE, beginning its operations in London, will provide digital, purely electric vehicles for renting at Park Lane and Oxford Street. Trov will be assessing the damages implored on the cars and cost it on the rental fees to ensure that the drivers are vigilant in their operations. Nevertheless, the company will insure the cars to resolve the accidental risks that the cars might encounter.

The chief of UFODRIVE’s UK branch, Jonathan Shine, stated that the team at Trov had engineered an insurance program that meets their demands and they would be happy for more future projects. He explained that integrating Trov’s Risk Operations Technology into their system will promote optimum use of the electric vehicles, a parameter that they can use to develop more advanced technology to fit the cars.

The collaboration between UFODRIVE and Trov creates a link in the UK market for the developing electric vehicle industry and insurance, which was lacking in the transition. The chief of Business Development at Trov, Ed Axon, stated that they are happy to partner with UFODRIVE in establishing transport intricacies that consumers and businesses in London and globally would like to associate with or venture. With Trov’s Mobility Platform, UFODRIVE can observe, maintain, and resolve the insured and uninsured risks efficiently and channel the business’s excessive resources to widen its operations.

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