UAE’S Tawazun in conjunction with Yahsat to start a satellite Technology Company

From the current market trends, you can tell that the world has a make-over in various sectors. Starting with the transportation and communication world. Most of the countries globally are working hard to deal with the next phase. However, dealing with all the new ventures is a hustle for a lot of companies. And this fact explains why many companies are working together to deliver high-quality items.

In a recent report, UAE’s Tawazun Economic Council, in partnership with Yahsat, a satellite company, is working on a project to set up a new company. The crucial role that this company will play is to create and run “critical in county capabilities,” which will play a significant role in satellite communications. According to reliable sources, the company will focus on new and innovative satellite technology to boost the communication sector while in space.

This announcement joins the many companies worldwide that are working on satellite technology, including SpaceX and Amazon. If things run as planned, the entity will create capabilities in three main streams. They include satellite modems, aeronautical sitcom technology, and enablement of sitcom products. The first critical project is where experts will discuss and come up with a multi-platform satellite modem. And this creation will follow after research and discussions among space experts.

Its primary role is to serve the government and the defense forces in both the UAE and internationally. This project will come in handy to many governments who are yet to advance in the space world. There were a variety of reactions from people regarding the partnership. However, the Chairman of Yahsat, Musabbeh Al Kaabi, stated the benefits of this partnership.

Kaabi talked about how the partnership is essential since it will help UAE diversify their source of income. Also, he explained that companies have a role to play in boosting UAE’s investment portfolio companies. Besides, it is through these projects that companies can contribute to sustainable growth in the country.

In a recent announcement, Yahsat assured the public that it would work word to make sure that the start-up company will meet government customers’ requirements. And the company will use a targeted and differentiated product strategy to motivate customers to settle for the latest products.

When asked about the partnership, Tawazun CEO, Tareq Al Hosani, all he had was praise. Yahsat is one of the world’s leading satellite enterprises. Unlike other companies, Yahsat has made its name in less than a decade. Their first satellite launch is a few years old, but the company has an enviable track record for outstanding accomplishments. He also expressed his excitement with the deal since the company stands to benefit from the partnership.

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