Kleos Space plans to launch its third satellite in December

Kleos Space S.A. signed a new deal with Spaceflight Inc., a rideshare provider, to help the company set its third satellite constellation (KFS2) in December this year. The satellite will launch aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The KFS2 Polar Patrol Mission will be set into a distance of 500-600 kilometres SSO. The satellite will accompany the first and second satellite constellation of Kleos and expand vigilance over main maritime areas like North and South Poles. Polar Vigilance Mission, Kleos’ second constellation of the satellite, recently completed its mission and remained on track for another launch this year. The mission of Kleos’ first satellites, Scouting Mission, is almost over.

Andy Bowyer, Kleos Space Chief Executive Officer, stated that their thirst satellite’s set would enhance the frequency and value of Kleos’ radio frequency vigilance data. As a result, the satellite will produce advanced information during its vigilance activities. As Kleos plans to reach a constellation of over 20, each constellation will enhance data size and provide further vigilance into areas of interest. Andy added that the associates plan on securing and develop a platform for new subscribers. The data emanating from Scouting Mission satellites will facilitate the commencement of revenue production. Andy hopes to arrive at a good result after comparing the costs incurred during the launch’s finalization

Kleos’ satellites’ primary function is to detect any illegal activity like drug dealing business, robbery, illegal fishing, and border and security challenges in their areas of concern. The satellite will increase its survey twice on the appointed locations. As a result, both human beings and animals’ lives will be protected since there will be a provision of activity-based intelligence data. KSM1 (Kleos Scouting Mission), the first Kleos space satellite system, will provide data and carry out technological illustrations. Leos Scouting Mission will serve as a milestone for the forthcoming global high-capacity cluster. The vigilance operation will also provide data from target areas by use of complete cluster-delivery near-real-time international observation.

Kleos is slightly down by 1.64 percent on the market since it sells its shares at 60 percent.  Kleos is among those organizations that signed an agreement with Spaceflight. Other companies include; BlackSky, Astro Digital, Orbit Fab, Umbra, Lynk, and other undisclosed government shipments from the U.S.  Spaceflight helped Leos Scouting Mission launch its satellites successfully during November of 2020.


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