An Indian communication satellite plans to send names of common people to space for free

A trend has emerged among the foreign space agencies whereby they host the name of ordinary people via satellites conducting crucial missions. Currently, India is embracing this technology through the Chennai-based SpaceKidz that will be deploying its SD Satellite via the PSLV-C51 rocket by ISRO in the next few days. The Satish Dhawan Satellite (SD Sat) is a cuboid that will be deployed into its orbit to analyze space radiations, observe the magnetic force around Earth, and display the unique nanosatellite components company has developed. The satellite dubbed its name from Prof. Satish Dhawan, a retired ISRO chairman and proponent of space technology in India. Moreover, this small spacecraft will be evaluating the potential of the LoRa (Long range) technology and test the capacity of machine-to-machine communications for these utilities. 

Lora abbreviates long-range low-energy wireless communication technology that has become a characteristic of the Internet-of-things (IoT) global systems. Dr Srimathy Kesan, the chief executive of SpaceKidz India, stated that satellites are an ambitious move which they anticipate to profit from with their vast technology. Initially, SpaceKidz satellites would run on the PS4 of the PSLV rocket for half-a-year after departure from the deployment facility. However, the advanced technology will see that SD Sat takes off by itself and conducts a two-year mission before becoming obsolete. The satellite will be interacting with the Frequency-shift keying (FSK) to send out data back to Earth while LoRa will be facilitating the secondary operations of this mission. Moreover, this mission would help the researchers evaluate LoRa and its communication with the terrestrial systems controlling industrial processes. 

Dr Kesan explained to Zee Media that the deployment of SD Sat marks a milestone for the team of college students conducting the mission. She added that the development of the satellite is a stepping stone towards more similar but complex projects lined up for testing by the ISRO including the handing in of the completed satellite for deployment. This mission’s vital element is securing a communication pattern with the satellite from the Chennai ground control unit. Dr Kesan noted that they are open to the idea of sending people’s names to space. However, people think it would be a challenge to consider the bureaucratic actions they would have to undergo before their names are considered. Nevertheless, she explained that they would not encounter these regulations but offer the service to everyone who registered their name as goodwill.

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