Physicist preparing for the deployment of humans the giant satellite orbiting Ceres

Pekka Janhunen, a Physicist working with the Finnish Meteorological Institute, has come up with the plan of colonizing another part of the solar system that is neither Earth nor Mars. Janhunen is advancing the exploration of Ceres with mega satellite-carrying humans. Ceres is a miniature planet in the solar system existing between Jupiter and Mars.

Various space exploration scientists have enumerated the challenges of invading and inhabiting the Moon or Mars. Most of the outlined challenges are because the environment has extremely unfavorable conditions for human survival. The scientists prompted the development of a facility that can send more than ten thousand people to space. However, this mission’s pursuit might unveil different challenges that the scientists would have to deal with in the mission.

The cost of developing this mega project would require research into the technology or equipment that will preserve the people from the intense solar radiation. Additionally, the people would have to find a way of working around the gravity problem inside this structure. The scientists would also have to locate the appropriate location for setting up this structure.

Scientists have reason to believe that Ceres is the ideal location in space since it would be like a satellite orbiting this asteroid. Janhunen stated that this orbit would be nearer to the miniature planet and close enough to restock their supplies from it since its components support life. Some of the components of this cosmic planet are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water.

Janhunen has an ambitious plan for this structure. He hopes that it can be close to a mile in length to support connected cylinders and host humans. Other projects that he thinks can fit this structure if well researched include agricultural and recreational activities, although it would take advanced technology to unravel this project’s plausibility. Additionally, the project can have two mega mirrors for initiating the extraction of solar energy for the giant structure’s operations.

These mirrors would be branded on the two ends of the structure. The expected population that this structure would host is 50000 people, with the composite material sustaining the facility being obtained from Ceres. The advantage of using materials from Ceres is that they would have a ready replenishing planet that ensures the population thrives. For gravity, the physicist explained that tilting the structure on the right side would generate enough gravity to keep the contents in it close to Earth’s gravity.

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